Persian Poetry of The Baloch Poets

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Akbar Ali


Persian was one of the major languages in the world. This
language was adopted all over the world including
Balochistan. More than 50 Baloch poets said poetry in
Persian. Their standard was high and they would compete
with the famous poets of their time. They also corrected the
poetry of other poets. Nowadays, people may not come
across their verse but their thoughts are still prevalent.
There are different causes for this dilemma. In this
research paper, we have introduced few of those people
who are anonymous, and those who are famous but people
have a little knowledge about their work which can uplift
their intellectual caliber. In addition, it will also pave way
for international researchers.
Key Words: Persian Poetry, Baloch Poets, Natiq Makrani, Yousaf Aziz

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