Development of Social Media in Balochistan

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Habitan Umer


Social media are the web pages and applications
developed to create and share content quickly, efficiently,
and in real-time. They play a vital role in connecting and
developing relationships with people and also provide a
great opportunity to establish customer service by
gathering input, answering questions and listening to their
feedback in educational, social and business sectors. The
Internet industry in Pakistan has come a long way over
some last twenty-five years when the first dial-up E-mail
service was emerged. In later days, the inventions in the
mobile industry have changed the dimensions of Social
media and greatly reached the doors of the common people
especially to young age groups. In Balochistan, although
the communication resources are limited, still in most of
the major cities people use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter
and other social media techniques for News and
communication purposes. This study will analyze the
development of social media in Balochistan as means of
information and communication.
Key words: Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Choti Chirya

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