A Trend Maker In Modern Balochi Poetry

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Wahid Bukhsh Buzdar, Shafiq-ur-Rehman Buzdar


This paper studies and analyzes the important aspects of Atta Shad,s. He notonly integrated glorious history of poetic tradition of balochi poetry but he carried out lot of experimental approaches in poetry and incorporated changes, which have encompassed feelings and expressions. Symbolism, imagism and dramatism were main themes of his poetry, which he brought into Balochi poetry, just to test the reader’s feedback.

He gave a mystical romantic touch in his symbols and metaphors. This romance carried a huge sea of expressions with itself. His themes could only be grasped by having a glimpse into the background of these romantic expressions.

Key words: Balochi, experimental approach, Symbolism, imagism, dramatism, trend-maker, commitment, camouflage, faceless, excessive

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