Balochi Embroidery Needle work

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Aurangzeb Aslam


Art of Balochi Embroidery is known legendary symbol of Baloch nation in Baloch Culture. The Balochi embroidery created by the women and also well-known from the oldest civilization of the world” Mehrgarh” and its rich Balochi culture. Balochi embroidery is one of the oldest in the history. Balochi female dresses are very famous because of their unique embroidery patterns adopted from the very native land. The art, which involves the use of threads with unfaded colors, beads and tiny mirrors, has been passed down for many generations. One can easily link the motifs used in the dress making back to 7000 millennium B.C Mehrgarh civilization. Same type of motifs can be seen on the pottery excavated from the site of Mehrgarh. This is an integral part of the Baloch culture. I contend that the increased accessibility of print culture, travel and tourism, and World’s Fairs enabled the women responsible for these craft organizations to integrate a pastiche of artistic influences – those recognized as international, national, and local – in order to create a specific and distinct style of craft. The Arts and Crafts movement, with its ideas about art, craft, design, and display, provided a supra-national language of social and artistic reform that sought to address the harshness of industrialization and to elevate the status of craft and design. My intentions in this research paper is to unite social History.

Key words: - The Baloch, Balochi Embroidery, needle work, Art, Baloch Woman, Craft, culture


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