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The articles are chosen after great deliberation by the editors, in light of the reviews received from the panel of referees.</p> <p><strong>Coverage Area:</strong> Balochi and Brahui Languages and other Iranian Languages, Literature , History , tangible and intangible cultures, cross-cultural studies, literary criticism, etc.</p> </div> en-US (Zakir Qadir) (Admin) Mon, 01 Aug 2022 06:50:01 -0400 OJS 60 حانی ءُ شے مرید ءِ مہری داستان ءَ ندارگ کشی <p>Environments collaborate to create scenographies for our <br>acts. Every action we take and practically everything we do <br>takes into account the scenic formation—landscape, site, and <br>setting—as well as a method for creating the event's actual <br>physical, perceptual, and emotional context. The word <br>"Scenography" refers to all of the components that go into <br>creating an environment. Balochi poetry is linked with <br>nature. All forms of Balochi poetry have been a big source of <br>creation of original imagination, and scenography. This <br>paper discusses various examples of naturalism and <br>scenography in famous Balochi folk epic of Hani and Shay <br>Mureed. This epic is told in form of poetry.</p> Noor ul Haq shah Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 محمد بیگ بلوچ ردانک نویسی ءُ تژن ءُ بچکند ءِ ازم <p>Satire and humor are broad genre of literature, requiring <br>excellent observation and extensive knowledge in order to <br>write. In this genre, the satirist thinks deeply about a subject <br>and then expresses his views and ideas. The charming style <br>and critique are the main characteristics of this art. Samples <br>of satire and humor in Balochi literature are found in <br>classical poetry and old stories, but in the modern age, the <br>history of this genre is not great in Balochi literature. <br>Muhammad Baig Baloch is the first and prominant name in <br>the new era who has made this genre a permanent means of <br>expression. He has shown that aspect of society through <br>satire and humor which come to us every day, but these are <br>hidden from us. His articles are written with a scholarly <br>charm and a unique style that reflect Muhammad Baig's <br>intellectual ability, and confirm the literary and artistic <br>qualities of satire and humor in Balochi literature. In this <br>article, Muhammad Baig's artistic features are discussed <br>through satire and humorous writing۔</p> Sharaf Shad Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 میر گل خان نصیر ءِ دستونکاں بنگپی تجربت <p>Mir Gul Khan Naseer is known as one of the pioneers of <br>Balochi modern poetry. He has played an important role in the <br>promotion of Balochi modern poetry. His contribution in <br>strengthening Balochi modern poetry thematically and<br>artistically id also examplry. His ghazals carry out stong <br>themes. In his ghazals, he has raised his voice against <br>political, social and imperialist forces. This paper reviews the <br>themes in his ghazals such as his progressive thoughts and his <br>love for Balochistan.</p> Irfan Anwar Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 عطاشاد ءِ دستونکاں ہستانکی(وجودی)تب ءُ میل <p>This paper attempts to discuss existentialism in Atta Shad’s <br>poetry. Atta Shad has performed several experiments in <br>Balochi modern poetry. He played a vital role for the <br>promotion of free verse and Balochi ghazal. He bestowed a <br>new pattern to Balochi poetry and Balochi ghazal. His <br>pattern of poetry is clearly different from other poets. He <br>also introduced several trends in modern Balochi poetry. In <br>this tradition he also bestowed a new diction to the modern <br>Balochi poetry. Modernism and existentialism trends firstly <br>introduced by him in Balochi poetry. Several existentialism <br>trends are found in his ghazals.</p> Abas Ali Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 بلوچی عہدی شاعری ءَبیبگررِند ءِکِرد <p>Bibagr Rind is prominent character in Balochi classical<br>poetry. He has been frequently mentioned in Balochi poetry <br>and has not only perpetuated classical poetry but has also <br>played an important role in the reign of Mir Chakar, but the <br>researchers mostly ignored him and their work on his role <br>is almost insufficient. Through this paper, an attempt has <br>been made to highlight the aspects of his character through <br>the love and contemplative poetry associated with Bibagr <br>Rind.</p> Zahida Raiesi Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 میر گل خان نصیر ءِ لبزانکی لیکہ <p>Every writer and poet has an ideology regarding <br>literature. Similarly, Mir Gul Khan Naseer was a follower <br>of progressive ideology in literature. He was not a <br>believer of literature for literature. According to his <br>ideology, if there is no motive in literature, then it is <br>useless. Mir Gul Khan Naseer was influenced by Marxist <br>ideology and his thoughts became universal. He began to <br>notice the problems of his people, their future, and <br>freedom of those millions of people out there. This paper <br>discusses Mir Gul Khan Naseer’s view of literature for <br>the sake of life.</p> Mahnoor Baloch Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 غنی پرواز ءِ آزمانکاری <p>Ghani Parvaz known as a fiction writer has authored seven <br>books of short stories. According to him, he is the first short <br>story writer to give a new dimension to Balochi fiction by <br>introducing new traditions and techniques. He introduced<br>new techniques in Balochi fiction in 1980s. He has written <br>stories on social, political, revolutionary, and various <br>issues. He looks against the ancient traditions of the <br>society. His characters fed up with the ancient traditions of <br>society, chooses the path of rebellion and prefers a life of <br>his own. This paper attempts to discuss Ghani as a story <br>writer and his story writing techniques.</p> Abdul Sattar Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 بلوچی دستونک ءَ تجربت <p>The ghazal is the oldest poetic form still in use. It remains <br>popular as a sung form in parts of the world where the <br>distinction between poetry (words for the spoken voice) <br>and song lyrics (words for the sung voice, with specific <br>melody) is not so distinct. This paper is an attempt to <br>discuss Balochi Gazal and its froms. It also discusses the <br>new expriences in Balochi ghazal by Gul Khan Naseer, <br>Ghani Parwaz, Saba Dashtiyari, Adam Haqqani, Muneer <br>Momin and Manzoor Bismil.</p> Mujahid Baloch Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 بلوچ چاگرد ءَ چوگان ءِدود <p>Chógán has been a practice of jubilation in the Baloch <br>society from thousands of years, but it recently became a <br>religious part of the Zikri sect of Islam. This ritual took <br>place during the season of hámén (dates ripening season) <br>mostly in Makkoráan (Makran) when the nomads used to <br>come to the towns for collecting dates. This paper <br>illustrates that how a practice of jubilation became the <br>part and parcel of Zikri sect of Islam in the Baloch society. <br>This paper also focuses the background and objectives of <br>this custom in the Baloch social order.</p> Nadra Ibrahim Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 پنجگورءِ گچین آزمانک نویس <p>Short story writers belonging to Panjgur have palyed an <br>important role to play in the development of Balochi <br>literature. They have covered a wide range of political, <br>social and cultural issues in their stories. In this research, <br>some of the selected writers’ work has been discussed The <br>names of these short story writers are Dr. Niamat Ullah <br>Gichki, Hakkeem Baloch, Ghani Tarriq, Ali Dost Baloch <br>and Ulfat Naseem</p> Zakir Hussain Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 بلوچی لبزانک ءِ سفر نامہاں جنین نبشتہ کارانی کِرد <p>A travelogue is a marquee of an author's travel observations. <br>Travelogues are written on eyewitness accounts. That is the <br>basic condition of travel. Travelogues in Balochi literature <br>are traced back to the publication of the monthly Balochi. In <br>Balochi literature, the travelogue has made a great<br>progress. Maryam Suleiman is the first female writer in the <br>history of Balochi travelogue Writers have made a great <br>effort to pay attention to this. Of course, in Baloch literature <br>there is a book of travelogues of Baloch women writers but <br>this book has a distinct identity in all other travel books and <br>it has its own status.</p> Fauzia Zahoor Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 خان قلات ءُ انگریزانی نیام ءَ دوستی ءِ منگ نامہ <p>The British came in Balochistan in 1810 in the era of Meer <br>Mahmood Khan. Before coming in Balochistan they <br>occupied many places like Sindh and Punjab. When they <br>intended to occupy Afghanistan for that they had to pass <br>from Balochistan. This time the son of Meer Mahmood <br>Khan, Meer Mehrab Khan was ruling in Balochistan, but <br>Baloch gave them tough time while passing from Bolan,<br>Balochistan. To have an easy pass from Bolan they met Meer <br>Mehrab Khan and made some agreements. These friendly <br>agreements among British and Khan of Qalat are discussed <br>in this research paper.</p> Sabreen Nazir Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 The Reconstruction of Artistic Worth of Gul Khan Naseer’s Poetry: Analyzing Academic Comments on Gul Khan’s Poetry <p>This paper conceptualizes to reconstruct Gul Khan <br>Naseer’s artistic worth in the paradigm of art for the sake <br>of art on the basis of his views. This paper makes path of <br>Idealistic version of art through Romanticism. <br>Furthermore, the paper reconstructs others’ thoughts <br>(they have formed to define Gul Khan’s artistic <br>stratification) that suppose Gul Khan’s artistic position <br>relies on the paradigm of art for the sake of life and will <br>replace them with Romanticism.</p> <p><br><strong>Key Words:</strong> Idealistic, Art, Romanticism, Gul Khan Naseer</p> Muhammad Amin, Tahir Hakim Baloch Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 The Impacts of Social Media on the Lives of Youth; A Case Study of Nushki <p>This research is concentrated on social media impacts on <br>youth and their social life, physical activities, trends, <br>educational awareness, trends and learning, etc. which has <br>found that social media has a positive and negative impact <br>on youth. The study analysed that how social media is <br>influencing youth in different aspects of social life. Social <br>media is a useful tool but sometimes it is misused by the <br>youth. A questionnaire was created to elicit replies from <br>respondents (students) in the selected colleges of district <br>Noshki. The Population for this study comprised of college <br>students of District Nushki. The researcher selected 300 <br>respondents 150 females and 150 males out of total <br>population. Purposive sampling was used in the research <br>study. </p> <p><strong>Key Words:</strong> Social Media, Students, Technological Determinism, Uses <br>and Gratification</p> Mashal Mengal Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 The Role of Local Press in Creating Environmental Awareness in Balochistan <p>This study explores the role of environmental journalism by <br>the local press in Balochistan in creating awareness <br>regarding environmental issues. The researcher applied the <br>Qualitative content analysis to investigate the content of two <br>leading local newspapers (Daily Jang Quetta and Daily <br>Intekhab Quetta). The research aims to explore how and to <br>what extent the two newspapers covered environmental <br>issues and to know the impact of coverage in creating <br>awareness about environmental issues such as <br>deforestation, pollution, and water crisis. By using the <br>purposive sampling, the researcher investigated mainly the <br>editorial page including Columns, Editorials, and Letters to <br>Editor published from April 2017 to March 2018. The <br>researcher analysing 48 items found that the local press in <br>Balochistan has covered the environmental issues very <br>rarely. The study concluded that the role of the local press <br>in creating awareness regarding environmental issues is <br>minimal. The study recommends that as Balochistan is <br>specifically under severe threat of environmental issues, the <br>local press must play its role in creating awareness and <br>highlighting the issues. </p> <p><strong>Key Words:</strong> Environmental Issues, Deforestation, Water Crisis, Pollution, <br>Local Press.</p> Homer Jan Copyright (c) 2022 Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400